Welcome to Dark Archive


Dark Archive is a member of InDiPres, a community-based organization governed by its members, who share in the expense of utilizing the MetaArchive trusted digital repository.

From the MetaArchive website: The basic premise of distributed digital preservation methodologies is that risk of digital loss is mitigated by distributing copies of digital files to geographically dispersed locations. It also must preserve, not merely back-up, the files in these different locations. All Distributed Digital Preservation Networks thus share particular characteristics, including that they are comprised of multiple (best practices suggest at least three) preservation sites.

The following principles are also recommended, all of which are intended to reduce the chances of having any single point of failure that could impact the network:

  • Sites preserving the same content should not be within a 75 to 125-mile radius of one another
  • Preservation sites should be distributed beyond the typical pathways of natural disasters
  • Preservation sites should be distributed across different power grids
  • Preservation sites should be under the control of different systems administrators
  • Content preserved in disparate sites should be on live media and should be checked on a regular basis for bit-rot and other issues


There are currently two ways to participate in Dark Archive. 

Photographers can reach out to us independently about archiving standalone completed projects. If we select your work, we offer you membership into Dark Archive allowing us to maintain and promote your project within the repository. 

The other way to participate in Dark Archive is through a curated collection program where we reach out to specific photographers from around the world for inclusion in the archive. 

We will make a distinction between photographers participating in the membership and curated programs but both will be equally promoted as members of the archive. 

Use our “Contact” page if interested in becoming a member of Dark Archive.


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